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After years of a mediocre online presence I have grown sick of myself.  I don’t think it’s related to what I write, what I post, my political leanings or any of those common topics that make an online persona what it is.  I don’t think it’s my online persona per se.  I am just sick of myself, in all areas of my life, online and off.  So, with some hesitation I will be removing all of my various blogs over the next few days to weeks.  I may re-emerge in some manifestation but at this point I could not tell you what that manifestation will be.  I blame recent life events for this identity crisis, as I’ve labeled it.  I no longer really know who I am or who I want to or should be.  Some things will never change and that is my dedication as a father.  I will always love my children with all of my heart and will never cease to be everything that they deserve.  To be honest, my children are, what I consider to be, my one saving grace.  Loving them, and being loved by them, has made some pretty tough situations survivable.  However, every other aspect of who I am is fair game. It’s time to make a change, for better or worse. I don’t really know if anyone reads this blog anymore but if there are any passers by, farewell…  Thanks for stopping by.  Maybe our paths will cross elsewhere in the future.



Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV

Posted: October 25, 2006 in Gaming, Reviews, Sci-Fi

I recently bought Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV for Xbox 360.  I have to say, this game is pretty amazing.  The graphics are top notch, the action is real, is challenging, and is frequent but the best characteristic is that the game is huge.  The world created is enormous and the player’s options are endless.  The quest itself is pretty straight forward, although I have barely scratched the surface but there is virtually infinite peripheral “quests” to take up your time. I have played approximately 4 hours and have only escaped the prison, found my way into (and finally out of) underground ruins, and finally behind the walls of the marketplace. Like I said, I’ve barely scratched the surface of this game but my initial impression is overwhelmingly positive. I would not hesitate to recommend this game.

Just when I thought I would quit posting Star Wars videos and focus on something else, I find more that I just can’t resist.  This is pretty good.  I didn’t even search for this, I just happened to stumble across it during my “travels.”  Enjoy–

This one is pretty bad but still a good find. They draw some parallels to star wars and star trek but don’t get too excited as it is mostly a ploy to suck you in. Its still fun to watch though. If adult themes and animated nudity offend you, you may not want to watch this.

Star Wars Rap? WTF?

Posted: July 5, 2006 in humor, Reviews, Sci-Fi

Kind of cheesy but fun nonetheless. Great choreography too.

This weekend, the movie Deep Impact was on.  I’ve never seen it before, although I have heard about it.  Deep Impact came out around the same time as the other “Asteroid threateneing the earth” movie Armageddon.  I don’t know if someone from one of these movies’ cast and crew leaked the details about their latest project but there are too many similarities to be chalked up to coincidence.  Each movie has obvious differences but the lienesses are uncanny.  For example:

Large asteroid threatens the earth – Armageddon and Deep Impact

Shuttle mission launched to drill Nuclear explosives into the asteroid – Armageddon and Deep Impact

Device drilling into the asteroid jams, halting the process of placing the nuclear warheads – Armageddon and Deep Impact

So I’ve only listed three similarities here, but these similarities are HUGE elements within the story line for each movie.  Is it coincidence that the elements that make the movie suspenseful are the same?  If a large asteroid were to threaten the earth today, in real life, would we face the exact same problems, situations and solutions that were found in these two movies?

Similiarities aside, these movies did have some differences.  Armageddon was action packed, humorous and focused for the most part on the trials and tribualtions of the team sent to space to defeat the asteroid.  Deep Impact on the other hand focused on earth’s citizens, what they felt and how they dealt with impending doom.  Deep Impact did not have the humor and action found in Armegeddon and lacked much of its blockbuster quality.  On a scale of 1- 10 I would rate Armageddon a 6 for being a captivating somewhat enjoyable movie.  Deep Impact on the other hand would receive a rate of no more than 4.

This is a great clip.  All Star Wars fans will love and appreciate it.