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After years of a mediocre online presence I have grown sick of myself.  I don’t think it’s related to what I write, what I post, my political leanings or any of those common topics that make an online persona what it is.  I don’t think it’s my online persona per se.  I am just sick of myself, in all areas of my life, online and off.  So, with some hesitation I will be removing all of my various blogs over the next few days to weeks.  I may re-emerge in some manifestation but at this point I could not tell you what that manifestation will be.  I blame recent life events for this identity crisis, as I’ve labeled it.  I no longer really know who I am or who I want to or should be.  Some things will never change and that is my dedication as a father.  I will always love my children with all of my heart and will never cease to be everything that they deserve.  To be honest, my children are, what I consider to be, my one saving grace.  Loving them, and being loved by them, has made some pretty tough situations survivable.  However, every other aspect of who I am is fair game. It’s time to make a change, for better or worse. I don’t really know if anyone reads this blog anymore but if there are any passers by, farewell…  Thanks for stopping by.  Maybe our paths will cross elsewhere in the future.



Happy New Year

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Health and Fitness, Misc.

As always, a new year means setting new goals. I haven’t looked at this blog in almost 11 months. I log in today to write a nice, motivational post about getting my shit together in 2013 and what do I see? I see my nice, motivational post about getting my shit together in 2012. I guess nobody’s perfect but damn, I need some follow through.

I did meet some of my goals for 2012. We finished the basement of our house, although the floors need to be done again.
I took on the Insanity workout program and saw it through to the end. The problem was I didn’t have anything to fall back on once I finished it.
I did go to the beach once with my daughter over the summer however I was still in no shape to walk around shirtless, which I didn’t do.

This year I hope will be more of the same but with better, longer lasting results. I’d like to lose a lot of weight (around 100 lbs). That is the priority goal for 2013.

Hopefully I’ll check back in before 2014 but one just never knows.

That’s right, we are already at February 24th, 2012. Where has the time gone. Before we realize it summer will be upon us. In truth, the last 3-4 years have really flown by. So many changes, so many life experiences. Over the past 4 years, I have welcomed 2 children into the world, I have earned 2 degrees and switched jobs. My mother was diagnosed with, and subsequently cured of, cancer. I’ve lost weight, gained weight, taken up running and quit running due to an ankle injury. We welcomed in a new president in 2008, and here we are once again, actively engaged in presidential politics, to determine who will lead the united States for the next 4 years, beginning in 2013. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that time is flying and if we don’t make a concerted effort to stop and appreciate the world around us, it’s going to pass us by.

For me, 2012 is going to be a game changer. I will lose that extra weight and I will go to the beach with my daughter. I will take on a more active lifestyle. I will save more money, I will fix up my house with the hope of selling it in the near future. I will seriously consider going back to school 1 more time to add an advanced certificate to my degree. It’s time to make the most of the time we have. No more excuses. No more “putting things off.” There are things I want and things I want to achieve and I am not going to rest until my goals have been realised. Today is a new beginning.

Please check out my previous  post as it gives all the details and provides a link if you have further questions.

WBMX in boston is hosting a radiothon to raise funds for Boston Childrens Hospital.  For two days, they are taking donations to benefit children all over the world, who find themselves in the care of BCH staff.  Boston Children’s Hospital is known wordwide for providing exceptional care to children across the globe.  It is easy to say that you will never find yourself there, but the day may come when you have no other choice.  If your child becomes sick, BCH is where you want them to be.  If you are capable of giving any donation, I urge you to do so.  Every little bit helps and it benefits the well being and future of the world’s children.  If you can donate anything please call 1-800-457-KIDS (5437). 

You can read more here:

I have no affilitation with Boston Children’s Hospital or WBMX.  I just saw an opportunity to possibly help a worthy cause and decided to post it here.