Welcome to The Science Of Behavior.  My name is Kevin and I will be your virtual guide through the writings, posts, thoughts and links that find their way onto this page.  As you may be able to guess, based on the title of the page, I have a backgorund in psychology. Well that is true. I have found that the human mind and human behavior are quite interesting. Therefore, I have decided to devote a lot of my writings to such things as human behavior and the intricacies within cultures. This blog will by no means stop there though. I reserve the right to write about anything that I find interesting, but I promise to do my best to categorize posts appropriately so that you don’t get stuck reading about Hollywood gossip when you really wanted to read about Sigmund Freud. I originally set out to have this site be a resource for those interested in psychology, human behavior and behaviorism but that just never panned out and I am no longer under the illusion that it will one day become such a site. However, when posting about such things as psychology, healthcare, etc…I pledge to post information that is honest and truthful, to the best of my ability. I will also provide references when able.

BTW and FYI: Within the next few months I will also be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner so some of my posts may reflect this change in my life and be centered around some of the knowledge have obtained and experiences I have had. Thanks for reading…..Stay tuned for more.


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