Wal-Mart breeds stupidity?

Posted: November 22, 2006 in humor, Misc., My Opinion

I love Wal-Mart. I shop there fairly frequently and often find good deals on items such as video games, electronics, CDs and home decor. You can’t beat the variety or the bargains. However, my hate for Wal-Mart is so much stronger than my love for it because it seems that as soon as someone pulls into the parking lot (other than me of course), they become stupid. The parking situation is a mess. Cars are strewn throughout the lot with wreckless abandon. Shopping carts are strategically placed throughout the lot like mines hidden under the sand. You know that unless you park your car as far from the store as possible, you are guaranteed at least one scratch, if not a dent or ding. To think, we haven’t even entered the store yet. Once inside, the situation does not get better. Even though you are faced with a plethora of sinful delights, a smorgasborg of bargains, an orgy of rolled back prices, you must first survive what I call the crash course or demolition derby of modern day retail. Shopping carts are slamming into each other, babies are crying, mothers and fathers are swearing and the “local” young punks are roaming the aisles looking for mischief. When its time to check out, you are faced with what can only be compared to woodstock, in size and smell. Hundreds of people are camped out in front of the registers, not moving and the odor emanating from the person in front of you is somewhat reminiscent of dirty feet. Customers shop in bulk, although half of the items are deleted from the transaction once they see the total. Why can’t Wal-Mart customers be more aware of how much money they are spending compared to how much money they have? Are Wal-Mart customers typically more stupid than customers at other stores or does Wal-Mart breed stupidity for the short time that a customer is there? Why is Wal-Mart so different than other Big Box retailers in that stupidity is out of control at Wal-Mart while at Target, there is no intellectual deficiencies?  Why is it that every time I go to Wal-Mart, I swear I’ll never go back, yet I do, no more than one week later?


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