Search terms that brought readers to this site

Posted: November 22, 2006 in Misc., Random

I was looking at the blog stats for The Science of Behavior and was interested in the search terms that actually brought people to this site yesterday. The search terms were:

1. Absence of a Leader

2. Science of Behavior

3. Blogroll Behavior

My first thought was that it was interesting that someone actually searched the exact name of the blog, but I found the other search terms even more interesting. The absence of a leader is a great topic that much could be written about. In fact, I have been addressing leadership issues/situation on my other blog which is Blogroll behavior could also prove to be an interesting topic to elaborate on, which I may attempt to do in the near future.  However, I may find that there really is no more to blogroll behavior than meets the eye.  I guess only time and a little research will tell.  It is interesting to see exactly what readers are trying to find. It helps to determine what it is that may make your site/blog more attractive.


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