Bill O’Reilly on the Techno-Geek Community

Posted: November 21, 2006 in Misc., My Opinion, Random

I am a frequent visitor of the web. I spend many hours researching various topics for fun. I frequently find myself in awe because of the type and extent of information that can be found so easily. I enjoy the online community and the dissemination of knowledge from one individual to another. As I’ve said before, I love anything that has a foundation in technology. I love video games, computers, the internet and attempting to teach myself HTML. As a result of my fascination with the above, I take exception to what I heard on the radio the other day. Now don’t take any of this as solid, hard fact because I have not researched this any more than the original 5 minutes I heard on the radio. It was either on Thursday or Friday of last week when Bill O’Reilly discussed, who I like to refer to as the techno geek community. In the five minutes that I listened, I witnessed Mr. O’Reilly stating that people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, or in front of video games, are at a loss intellectually, are not socially developed and have no foundation in reality. He went on to state that one can only have a sense of reality through interacting in their environment. I find that this statement is tragically flawed for one specific reason. An environment does not have to be based in the physical world. Right now, I am writing this post in the and will soon submit it to my wordpress blog. Once submitted, millions of people will have access to it, although millions will not read it. If anything, the Internet creates a broader environment, one in which the possibilities are endless. I can interact with people that I would never have met in the physical world. I can find information, in a matter of seconds, that would have taken me days, or weeks, to find in the physical world. Typically, I enjoy Bill O’Reilly’s show and agree with what he has to say, but this has forced me to view him in a different light. To me, he appeared closed minded and naive in regards to this topic. He did not concentrate on the positive, as well as the negative, when presenting his thoughts. He states that he is here to make sure that we are all well informed, yet he has failed that mission miserably.  I could go on like this for hours but I will spare you the redundancy.  I will still listen to O’Reilly and I will probably enjoy much of what I hear.  However, I will be sure to consider what it is that he says a little more carefully and conduct my own research in order to understand every side of the situation.

Again, the amount of his show that I heard was limited to a very short span of time so for the sake of accuracy, I would urge any interested readers to retrieve the archived show from O’Reilly’s site.  I didn’t because I didn’t want to join as a premium member.


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