US/France and their Middle East resolution

Posted: August 5, 2006 in Misc., My Opinion, political, Random, Uncategorized

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.  This a large waste of time and resources.  The US and France have spent over a week developing a resolution that they want to implement in Lebanon.  The resolution calls for an agreeement ot cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah, an agreement to respect a buffer zone between the two forces, and for the eventual disarming of Hezbollah.  What fantasy world are these politicians living in?  Hezbollah does not want to be disarmed.  They think that they are here, saviors of the Middle East.  They want to be a political and military power and that just won’t happen if they agree to be disarmed.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see power turned over to the Lebanese, Hezbollah destroyed and Israel’s kidnapped soldiers returned, but this resolution aint gonna cut it.

  1. Beppo says:

    If the U.N.’s decisions didn’t have such a potentially large impact on our future, it might be humorous at how ignorant they are on resolving issues. While I think diplomacy should be attempted first, it’s clear that Hezbollah doesn’t want peace with Israel. And the negotiations with Iran are a debacle. I’ve written on that, how we’re basically rewarding Iran for breaking U.N. rules. If this is the route we take, it’s just going to make things worse in the future.

    Another almost amusing point is how the U.S. gets blamed for the U.N.’s shortcomings. And how the U.N. has all these rules that North Korea and Iran blatantly ignore without repercussions. If the rules aren’t enforced, some people won’t follow the rules…

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