What’s up with bike helmets?

Posted: July 12, 2006 in Random

As I was driving from one office to the other today, I passed a number of kids/teenagers riding their bikes down the road.  I noticed that every single one of them was wearing a helmet.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for wearing a bike helmet.  I always wear one when I go mountain biking, or any other kind of biking for that matter.*  I do wonder though, when and why the big push for bike helmets came about.  Throughout my childhood, I never wore a helmet.  I had never even heard of a bike helmet.  I made it through just fine as did all of my friends and family.  So I ask, why is it so important today?  Bikes haven’t become faster, or less stable.  Are drivers worse?  I doubt it.  Are kids today less competent in their bike riding abilities?  Is it because parents work so much these days that they have less time to devote to teaching their children how to properly ride a bike?  I don’t have the answers to these questions and I’m not trying argue the importance of bike helmets.  I just want to understand where the bike helmet revolution came from and what factors drove it its current level of importance.


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