1992 Pontiac LeMans – my 2nd

Posted: July 12, 2006 in Cars, Misc., My Opinion, Reviews

The title says it all.  I remember my friend had a 70’s something LeMans in high school.  This car was great.  It looked like a Chevelle.  He had a monster engine in it and could blow away anything else in town.  The 90’s version of the LeMans was not quite as cool.  It was a little two door hatch back with a small (very small) four cylinder engine.  My older brother also had one, his had AC while mine didn’t.  I always laughed though becuase these cars had so little power to begin with, he had to choose whether he wanted to sit in the AC or actually drive, becuase the car was not capable of doing both simultaneously.*  As cheesy as these cars were, I loved mine.  Much like the party wagon, it had personality.  My LeMans had a neon stripe that ran down its sides, I put on some chrome american racing rims equipped with low profile tires and installed the same cd player from the party wagon.  I din’t end there though.  I bought a 10 inch and 12 inch kicker box and placed it in the trunk area.  Sounded great listening to heavy metal and hair bands.**  All in all though, it was a good second car.  It had a four speed manual transmission and a little engine that would not quit.  It wasn’t the most luxurious or sporty car in the world, but it was mine, it was cheap and it was dependable.  There are days when I wish I could go back….but we know that won’t happen.  Check out the pic below.  This wasn’t my car but it is a good representation.  Mine was also white, but had the fancy stripe.

1992 Pontiac LeMans


* It could actually drive and have the AC on simultaneously.

** It didn’t sound that great.  That type of music doesn’t have the strong basslines that make kicker boxes worhtwhile.


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