1986 Pontiac 6000 station wagon – my 1st

Posted: July 12, 2006 in Cars, Misc., My Opinion, Reviews

My first car was a used, two tone brown, 1986 pontiac 6000 station wagon.  I got it from my grandparents, who were no longer able to drive.  Although I never wanted the car, it was still a fun experience.  It had a 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder engine.  I used to tell everyone how it was the biggest 4 cylinder they made.  Yeah….I was that cool.  Regardless, I was the first of many of my friends to have a license, so I was the friend responsible for carting everyone else’s asses around.  My lovely ride soon became known as the party wagon.  I installed a CD player and put plastic (chrome) wheel covers on.  Oh yeah…this car was pimpin’ before pimpin was cool.

I have to say though, that pontiac made a solid car when they made the 6000 series.  The interior was spacious and comfortable.  It accomodated 6 high school students very nicely.  When I say it was solid, I mean it was solid.  I was unfortunately in an accident, not too long after driving on my own.  In short, I hit a tree.  I was fine and the car had minimal damage.  I did mess up the lovely paint job though (see above).  Despite the fact that I was the dork driving Grampa’s wagon, it was a good car to learn in.  Aside from occasional alternator problems, nothing ever went wrong.  Check out the pic below.  This is one of the only pictures I could find online.  I unfortunately do not have any of my own pictures of the “Party Wagon”.

Pontiac 6000




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