Selfless Acts

Posted: July 5, 2006 in Misc., My Opinion, professional

Taking pride in your work and actually caring about what you are doing is a quality that seems lost today. I have never been in a position that gave me the ability to make a big difference in the community. I have never been looked upon by society as a noble, selfless individual. My father, on the other hand, has committed selfless acts. It is after hearing about his actions that I try to mold myself into who I hope to someday be. I know I carry his work ethic wherever I go. I know that people I supervise over, appreciate the work ethic and compassion for people that my father has taught me. Let me relay to you, a quick story about my father. I think it is a great story. I think of it fairly frequently as it is the perfect model for how people should go about their work and about their life.

My father is a pediatrician. He came to the area and started a small local practice, where he currently is, 30 years ago next week. He and my mother bought a small house, finished the basement and started his practice in the basement of his home. My grandmother (maternal) came to help my father get things in order. She told him she would help him for a few weeks, until he hired some help. She still works in his office to this day. Twenty eight years ago, two years after he started the practice, we were struck by the blizzard of ‘ 78. My father, being a dedicated, new physician, called the town department for help. Not help for himself or for my family, but for the community. My father received calls regarding some patients who were very sick and needed treatment. Roads were closed and buried under tons of snow. No one could go anywhere. As a solution to this problem, my father, with the help of dedicated town employees, made housecalls. He was picked up in the morning by a plow equipped front end loader and spent the day braving the elements and dangerous streets, to care for his patients.

I mention this now because I think it is an important lesson for everyone to learn. Not only does it demonstrate a great way to go about business, but also a great way to go about life. In a day and age when we are threatened by terrorism, missile launches and nuclear armament, it is comforting to think of the people who commit such selfless acts as the one above. Hearing these stories is also motivating. I like to think that if I can share these types of stories, more people will adopt this type of behavior and incrementally impact society.

Does anyone have any stories of truly selfless acts? They can be about people you know, people you’ve heard of, or just a story you read in the paper. Please take a minute to post your story to the comment section of this post. If I get enough, I will create a separate page just for these stories. If you have a wordpress blog or any other site that you want linked, feel free to mention it and I will include it in your post.


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