Deep Impact vs. Armageddon

Posted: July 2, 2006 in My Opinion, Reviews, Sci-Fi, Uncategorized

This weekend, the movie Deep Impact was on.  I’ve never seen it before, although I have heard about it.  Deep Impact came out around the same time as the other “Asteroid threateneing the earth” movie Armageddon.  I don’t know if someone from one of these movies’ cast and crew leaked the details about their latest project but there are too many similarities to be chalked up to coincidence.  Each movie has obvious differences but the lienesses are uncanny.  For example:

Large asteroid threatens the earth – Armageddon and Deep Impact

Shuttle mission launched to drill Nuclear explosives into the asteroid – Armageddon and Deep Impact

Device drilling into the asteroid jams, halting the process of placing the nuclear warheads – Armageddon and Deep Impact

So I’ve only listed three similarities here, but these similarities are HUGE elements within the story line for each movie.  Is it coincidence that the elements that make the movie suspenseful are the same?  If a large asteroid were to threaten the earth today, in real life, would we face the exact same problems, situations and solutions that were found in these two movies?

Similiarities aside, these movies did have some differences.  Armageddon was action packed, humorous and focused for the most part on the trials and tribualtions of the team sent to space to defeat the asteroid.  Deep Impact on the other hand focused on earth’s citizens, what they felt and how they dealt with impending doom.  Deep Impact did not have the humor and action found in Armegeddon and lacked much of its blockbuster quality.  On a scale of 1- 10 I would rate Armageddon a 6 for being a captivating somewhat enjoyable movie.  Deep Impact on the other hand would receive a rate of no more than 4.


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