Personalities – Part I

Posted: June 18, 2006 in Personality

I have done a lot of thinking about people's personalities.  I work with  a number of people who have very strong, not necessarily desirable, personality traits.  The approach I have taken is in no way scientific, but it is funny.  I given each individual a label.  They are labeled as an animal that they act like.  For example, I labeled my father, who is also my boss, as a blow-fish (puffer-fish).  I find this to be a very suitable label for him.  When he gets mad, or threatened in some way, he sucks in his breath and becomes very blustery.  I actually visualize him puffing up.  He then rants and raves until he wears himself out.  He threatens to fire people.  He threatens to retire.  He actually once threatened to fire everyone and retire.  I don't know how that would solve the problem.  The thing is, like a puffer-fish, he is all show.  He is a big wind bag.  A blowhard if you will.  He never follows through with any threats and he is essentially (what many may call) a sweet lovable teddy bear who would do anything for any of his employees.  I then thought back to my childhood to see if this trait was characteristic of his parenting.  It was.  He could be loud at times, putting me in my place.  He would wag his finger at me like noone's business.  He really was a good finger wagger.  He got so much speed on that thing sometimes that is was just a blur.  All of these acts were just for show.  Although at the time I thought he was a formidable character, I look back now and realize he was just "puffing up" in order to stand his own ground and keep the attackers (me) at bay, which is the motivation behind a real puffer fish inflating themselves.


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