Why the name “Science of Behavior”?

Posted: June 15, 2006 in Misc.

Many of you who are familiar with psychology may think that the title of this blog sounds familiar.  That's because it probably is.  B.F. Skinner, the father of behavioral psychology, wrote a book titled "Science and Human Behavior".  I did not choose the name that I did becuase I think I am like Skinner, but becuase it is a fitting name.  There is a science behind behavior and understanding this science will help you to understand behavior.  You could also look at it inversely and say that understanding behavior will help you to understand the science behind it.  It works both ways.  Although I have many years in the field of behavioral psychology, I do not necessarily feel that it is the ONLY mode of treatmtent.  I do think it has its merits, but so do other philosophies.  This is the trouble I am going to run into should I ever become a practicing psychologist.  All undergraduate pscyhology students are told that they will need to pick a school (philosophy) of psychology that they subscribe to.  I still have no done this and am not sure what I which philosophy I would choose.  The problems with subscribing to more than one philosophy is that there are often characteristics found in one that conflict with the theory behind another.  Maybe soon, I will post an introductory psychology lesson for those who don't know, but would like to. 


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