One of my responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer at my place of employment is help wanted ads when a position opens up, conducting first interviews of potential candidates and then conducting second interviews and making an offer. Often times the process goes smoothly. I’ve had offers accepted and rejected and the outcome doesn’t necessarily relate to a hiring process that did or did not go well, sometimes the candidate and the employee are just too far apart on things like salary, benefits, etc. In fact, I would go so far as to make the bold claim that if we got as far as “making an offer” then the process went pretty smoothly.

What I don’t understand is the job seeker who fails to show up for the initial interview. I mean, why bother at all? Over the past year or two I would guess that about 25% of scheduled interviews result in a no-show. These are candidates who not only took the time to post a resume online or submit via fax but they also answered the call from my office and verbally agreed to a formal meeting, only to skip out altogether. I don’t know if this is a manipulation of the unemployment system or an indicator of just how broken society is but its mind blowing every time it happens.

I don’t have any verifiable numbers to prove this next statement but here goes anyway. I think too many people are waiting for their big break. A large segment of people don’t want to work anymore. They want to become famous TikTok influencers or Instagram stars. People want things dropped in their laps. Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to make a living being creative. I strive for it every day through writing blogs that no one reads, sharing pictures and content on various platforms and constantly reworking my approach to hopefully gain some ground but I am also gainfully employed in an incredibly stable job. I take care of all of my responsibilities and save the dreams for my personal time.

Anyway, that was a bit of a rant certainly went off on a tangent but it does relate to my main point and the original topic of the post. If you are going to schedule an interview then show up for that interview. It’s a small world we live in and even smaller when working within certain industries. If you don’t want to be blackballed down the road when you decide to get your shit together then you should take your commitments seriously and respect the time someone else if sacrificing to meet with you.

I may be in a significant minority of gamers but I kind of like Battlefield 2042. For the first time in a while I was able to sit and play a game for more than 15 minutes without getting bored. I’ve always felt the mechanics of the game (Battlefield in general) were superior to those of Call of Duty and Halo (not that Battlefield and Halo are necessarily an apples to apples comparison). I feel there’s more strategy to Battlefield, the shots I take feel more real.

From the beginning of my gaming days I’ve liked playing as a sniper. I enjoyed the game of cat and mouse, hunting my prey from a distance. Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam brought this home for me. Then I started playing games in the Call of Duty series and felt that something was missing. There were no ideal locations to snipe from, the shots didn’t resonate. It all felt sort of cartoonish. Over the years I’ve continued to play games from both the Battlefield and Call of Duty series and have found enjoyment in both for different reasons.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s some things I wish were different with regards to Battlefield 2042. I think the modes of gameplay are very limited. I love a good team deathmatch and free for all and those are modes that are lacking. The current modes are fun but I find they take some getting into when sometimes you just want a quick game where all that matters is the kill count. Last night I played team deathmatch in the battlefield portal and lost myself for a while in some maps from the past that looked so much better on the Xbox series X. I’m looking forward to exploring some more and hoping that they will make some of these thowback modes / maps permanent.

Regarding glitches, which I think aside from limited content are the biggest reasons for so much negativity towards the game, I’ve experienced very few. In fact, the only one I remember clearly is falling between the walls of a wrecked ship and having to spend the game taking shots from a slim crack in the hull as people passed me by. It may not have been the most productive game, not that any of my matches are really productive in any way, but it was still fun and a challenge. I do hope that Dice is able to fix the glitches and add more content so that the community can continue to grow.

I can’t believe how many years have gone by. I took a long break from this blog, as well as others, because life was getting complex and some of the events unfolding around me took their toll in ways that I won’t bore you with. I haven’t thought about this blog for a long time but stumbled upon it while purging my original twitter account of political followers, also referred to as all of my followers. I read some of my previous posts and actually inspired myself. In fact, I’m actually having some difficulty believing that I wrote some of the posts because I think the writing is really good. Maybe writing is something I can actually do. I’m not sure what the future hold for this blog, or for me but I think for now, I will take it 1 day at a time to see what sticks. In today’s world of social media with platforms like TikTok and Instagram I’m actually not sure how relevant a blog even is. Do real people blog anymore? Do real people read blogs? I’ve seen likes on some posts but when investigated, those likes very rarely seem to lead to a real-life human being in the blogging community. Is anyone really out there?

After years of a mediocre online presence I have grown sick of myself.  I don’t think it’s related to what I write, what I post, my political leanings or any of those common topics that make an online persona what it is.  I don’t think it’s my online persona per se.  I am just sick of myself, in all areas of my life, online and off.  So, with some hesitation I will be removing all of my various blogs over the next few days to weeks.  I may re-emerge in some manifestation but at this point I could not tell you what that manifestation will be.  I blame recent life events for this identity crisis, as I’ve labeled it.  I no longer really know who I am or who I want to or should be.  Some things will never change and that is my dedication as a father.  I will always love my children with all of my heart and will never cease to be everything that they deserve.  To be honest, my children are, what I consider to be, my one saving grace.  Loving them, and being loved by them, has made some pretty tough situations survivable.  However, every other aspect of who I am is fair game. It’s time to make a change, for better or worse. I don’t really know if anyone reads this blog anymore but if there are any passers by, farewell…  Thanks for stopping by.  Maybe our paths will cross elsewhere in the future.


at least that is what we are being lead to believe.

I am a very involved father. I love my two children more than life itself. From the moment they started school (e.g. daycare and now kindergarten for my oldest) they have been my morning commute mates. I consider my daughter to be my co-pilot because she is always watching what is going on and letting me know when a light red or green. Rather than go out frequently on the weekends I choose to stay home with my kids. I love being there with them and I love being there for them should they need me for some reason after they go to bed, even if it is just to tell me I’m handsome, then 5 minutes later to tell me she’s thirsty and 10 minutes later to ask me to cover her up. For me, there could be no better, and certainly no more important, way to spend an evening.

After all this time I thought the looks I’ve gotten were looks of pride, admiration and respect. I thought to myself “people are looking at me and seeing what a committed and loving father I am.” However in reality, after reading a recent article, I have come to the conclusion that everyone is placing bets on the size of my testicles. They don’t care that I would walk to the ends of the earth to be there for my children. They don’t care that every thought throughout the day is occupied in part by visions of my children. I would say that they don’t care that I would give my left testicle if it meant providing for my children but somehow I think they may care about that one as it may have the potential to upset their wagers.

Read the article here.

Dads, continue to be the great dads that you are. Now that we are easily identified as the Small-Testicled-breed of man good parenting is all we have left.

Seriously? One day into retirement and Barney Frank is throwing his hat back into the political arena. This is what is wrong with US politics today. Individuals like Mr. Frank think politics is a career, as opposed to public service. It’s time for some new insight with regards to the “fiscal cliff” and the state of the US economy. Putting Frank back in the game will just ensure that the same old, stale ideas are rehashed over and over again. It’s time to let some new minds “take the helm.”

Happy New Year

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Health and Fitness, Misc.

As always, a new year means setting new goals. I haven’t looked at this blog in almost 11 months. I log in today to write a nice, motivational post about getting my shit together in 2013 and what do I see? I see my nice, motivational post about getting my shit together in 2012. I guess nobody’s perfect but damn, I need some follow through.

I did meet some of my goals for 2012. We finished the basement of our house, although the floors need to be done again.
I took on the Insanity workout program and saw it through to the end. The problem was I didn’t have anything to fall back on once I finished it.
I did go to the beach once with my daughter over the summer however I was still in no shape to walk around shirtless, which I didn’t do.

This year I hope will be more of the same but with better, longer lasting results. I’d like to lose a lot of weight (around 100 lbs). That is the priority goal for 2013.

Hopefully I’ll check back in before 2014 but one just never knows.

That’s right, we are already at February 24th, 2012. Where has the time gone. Before we realize it summer will be upon us. In truth, the last 3-4 years have really flown by. So many changes, so many life experiences. Over the past 4 years, I have welcomed 2 children into the world, I have earned 2 degrees and switched jobs. My mother was diagnosed with, and subsequently cured of, cancer. I’ve lost weight, gained weight, taken up running and quit running due to an ankle injury. We welcomed in a new president in 2008, and here we are once again, actively engaged in presidential politics, to determine who will lead the united States for the next 4 years, beginning in 2013. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that time is flying and if we don’t make a concerted effort to stop and appreciate the world around us, it’s going to pass us by.

For me, 2012 is going to be a game changer. I will lose that extra weight and I will go to the beach with my daughter. I will take on a more active lifestyle. I will save more money, I will fix up my house with the hope of selling it in the near future. I will seriously consider going back to school 1 more time to add an advanced certificate to my degree. It’s time to make the most of the time we have. No more excuses. No more “putting things off.” There are things I want and things I want to achieve and I am not going to rest until my goals have been realised. Today is a new beginning.

There have been many posts on Reddit today disputing the validity and veracity of Lucidending’s post. Some facts in his posts have lead some to think his post is nothing but a ruse. However, the true situation can not currently, and may never, be verified. Based on this information where do we go? What do we do? What should we think of Lucidending? Is the story really less impressive if Lucidending turns out to be a fake? Here’s the deal. Real or fake, Lucidending made some deeply moving, motivational and inspirational statements. He made thousands of readers look at life in a different perspective. He was the reason for an enormous outporing of emotion and love from complete strangers. So I guess….in answer to my original question, we may never know if he is the Reddit Hero we all made him out to be and likewise, we may never know if he is the master of all trolls as some others purport but I submit to you that one does not necessarily exclude the other. Maybe this was all a ruse but so many of us were changed by his story and the various stories shared by so many. Maybe he is the master of all trolls but even if he is, he still just may be a hero as well.

Nothing we have is worth hurting anyone else for. It’s all fleeting people. Stop seeing race, color, sex, religion, etc…. Theyre all just people, and if you try to love them you won’t lose anything.